A Course On Flash Cards

What is the point to do a course about flash cards, especially smart ones? The answer is quite simple :
Try to convince you that Smart Flashcards can save you time, money, and even provide you a better life, in the long run.

How are we (we = you and me) going to do so?
First, we should start by recognizing that we have an unconscious mind that is active within our body.
For instance, there is something that controls our heartbeats that we are most of the time unaware of.
And if we want to tell our body : let's accelerate it, or slow it down, for most of us, we are not capable to do so.

This also means that we are somehow programmed by our instinct to do certains things and avoid other
And it all converge to this conclusion : we are not totally free, far from that.

But what are we free to do, we humans, probably more than other species?
The answer is this : we may to a certain extent, try to reprogram ourselves in directions we may choose.

So yes, but I don't see why FlashCards may be needed for that.
In fact they are not needed, but they will help doing it better.
It is a matter of acquiring knowledge.
• Efficiently.
• As fast as possible... and most importantly :
• In a clever way. Thus the word "smart"
End of this course 1st lesson.